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LEGO Architecture: 21009-Farnsworth House

LEGO Architectu...

Replicate a modern marvel with the famed Farnsworth House™!Few one-room homes are as strikingly mode..
LEGO Architecture: 21017-Imperial Hotel

LEGO Architectu...

Build Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tokyo masterpiece!Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright from 1916-1922, the Impe..
LEGO Architecture: 21028 - New York City

LEGO Architectu...

Celebrate New York City with this LEGO® Architecture Skyline model!Capture ..
LEGO Architecture: 21042 - Statue of Liberty

LEGO Architectu...

Celebrate a monumental blend of architecture and sculpture with this LEGO® Architecture 21042 The St..
LEGO Cars: 8487 - Flo's V8 Cafe

LEGO Cars: 8487...

Fill up with friends at Flo's V8 Cafe?..
LEGO Castle: 10223 - Kingdoms Joust

LEGO Castle: 10...

Watch the Knights battle it out at the Royal Joust!It’s the most exciting event on the LEGO Kingdoms..
LEGO City: 60004 - Fire Station

LEGO City: 6000...

Prepare to save the day at the LEGO® City Fire Station!It's a peaceful day in the 3-story LEGO® City..
LEGO City: 60008 - Museum Break-in

LEGO City: 6000...

Stop the burglars at the LEGO® City museum!In a daring midnight raid, the burglars are breaking into..
LEGO City: 60014 - Coast Guard Patrol

LEGO City: 6001...

Repair the dinghy with the Coast Guard Patrol!Head out to the lighthouse quick with the LEGO® City C..
LEGO City: 60036 - Arctic Base Camp

LEGO City: 6003...

Plan and go on the ultimate expedition from LEGO® City Arctic Base Camp!Head out into the wilds and ..
LEGO City: 60046 - Helicopter Surveillance

LEGO City: 6004...

Raid the crook hideout with the high-powered police helicopter!The crooks have arrived at their hide..
LEGO City: 60047 - Police Station

LEGO City: 6004...

Catch the crooks breaking out of LEGO® City Police Station!Sound the Police Station alarm! The tow t..
LEGO City: 60051 - High Speed Passenger Train

LEGO City: 6005...

Get around LEGO® City fast in the High-speed Passenger Train!Travel around the city in no time with ..
LEGO City: 60069 - Swamp Police Station

LEGO City: 6006...

Foil the Swamp Police Station jailbreak and catch the crooks!It’s business as usual at the high-tech..
LEGO City: 60080 - Spaceport

LEGO City: 6008...

Launch the awesome shuttle from the LEGO® City Spaceport!It’s launch day at the LEGO® City Spaceport..