FUN-Kidpreneur T&C

Terms & Condition:


Welcome to FUN-Kidpreneur program by


1.       Enrolment:

To begin with enrolment process, you must complete the registration process for FUN-Kidpreneur on our website. As part of the application you must provide kid legal name, address, phone number, email id, bank details of kid (junior account).


2.       Service Fee Payment:

There is one time registration fee of 500 INR (waived till June 2016) which is payable upfront in cash at the time of pick-up of LEGO set by our representative from your doorstep.


3.       Sharing of revenue:

Every time the LEGO set you have listed on our website (via is rented out by someone kid earn 15% revenue.  You need to open kid junior account in any nationalize bank in kid name. Revenue earn by kid will be directly transfer into kid account via online transfer.


4.       Listing of LEGO set:

It will be sole discretion of about listing of LEGO set under appropriate plan and about it’s pricing.


5.       Incomplete LEGO set:

We generally accept only complete LEGO sets along with building instructions, however we do accept LEGO sets with up to 3-4 missing pieces or even without building instruction, in this case we import the missing pieces and building instruction for you, and FUN-Kidpreneur member has to pay for it.


6.       How do i pay for missing parts and building instruction:

FUN-Kidpreneur member don’t have to pay anything upfront to in order to make there LEGO set complete. The total cost will be deducted from revenue sharing as an when your LEGO set is rented out. Deduction will continue until full replenish cost is recovered.

               We may at any time cease providing any or all of the service at our sole discretion and without notice.


        7.    How do i withdraw my listed LEGO set:

               You can anytime withdraw your LEGO after your LEGO went through at least minimum 10 turn arounds

For more details on FUN-Kidpreneur contact us on or call us on +91 7738 939 020