About FUN-Kidpreneur

About FUN-Kidpreneur:

                FUN-Kidpreneur (FUNSTATION.in + Kid + Entrepreneur = FUN-Kidpreneur)  program is first of its kind where kid gets a chance to foster entrepreneurial skills at primary-aged and launch their own micro-enterprises through inspiration, motivation, education, and last but not least as a cheery on the top earning is a by-product which they earn by listing their own complete LEGO sets with us.  


How it work:

1.       Enrollment:

To begin with enrollment process, you must complete the registration process for FUN-Kidpreneur on our website. As part of the application you must provide kid legal name, address, phone number, email id, bank details of kid (junior account).


2.       Schedule a pick-up:

Once you complete the registration process, we will contact you can schedule a meeting to pick up the LEGO set from your door step.


3.       Verification and listing of LEGO set:

Once verified about the completeness of your LEGO set, we will notify you via email and your account will be activated and LEGO set will be listed on your website within 5 working days.